"What if one day technology is prescribed like medicine, and helps people to fight depression?"
In this speculative design, we made a tangle product: Reconnect Mask. This mask is a prescribed technology in the future to fight against depression. By recalling happy memories in a dream, it unconsciously gave people the incentive to re-establish connection with their old friends. Its usage was also strictly supervised like any other prescription drug. 
The usage of this speculative product was documented in the form of a VLOG.
Time Frame: 1 month
Partner: Zeyao Li
My Role: research, physical prototyping, APP interaction prototyping
Instructor: Scott Fitzgerald
Course: Ideation and Prototyping
Framing Story
In the future dystopia, most of the citizens in the society are depressed, due to the rapid increase of the stress that they get. The stress is from the work, relationship, family, and etc.
As depression is genetic, it was passed to generations and spread out of control. Gradually, people start to forget the happy memories they had. Only the sad and depressing memories stayed.  
In the 23rd century, the prevalence of depression leads to the existence of the Reconnect Mask. This is a mask that helps people revisit their happy memories. It also came along with an APP that helps to quickly send short messages to the people that showed up in the memory. It is meant to shape people’s incentive to reconnect to their family, friends.
Like the anti-depression drugs today, the Reconnect Mask is a prescription technology. Only patients with doctor’s prescription can purchase the mask in drug stores and hospitals. The patients can only wear the mask for 1 hour a day. Reconnect technology overdose is strictly prohibited.
Unlike the VR technology in the 21st century, Reconnect Mask doesn’t project visuals to the eyeball. It generates visuals from memory and replayed it in the dream. If the family and friend of the patient wear the Reconnect Mask at the same time, they will be brought back to the memories they shared at the same time.
Process Documentation
Preliminary Research
Process of Making

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